Why a good lighting is important in your flat ?

Sometimes, being in the dark is great. You can relax, think, and of course sleep.But after the dark comes the light, and you'd better have a good one.

It's important to have a great lighting, if you have a bad, agressive light, it can put you in a bad mood, can be really unpleasant, and even hurt your eyes.

What kind of light do I have to choose ?

It depends on the use you're going to make of it. If you need a huge lighting for the kitchen for exemple, you need to take a powerful light, like a ceiling one. You can modernize your kitchen by adding industrial lighting to it! A vintage lighting will even put some retro vibes to your kitchen.

If you're looking for a little lamp for the ambiance of your room, you can take some industrial wall lights. The light that came from it is softer than a ceiling light.

A vintage lighting, with a small light, will be also great on youre nightsand at night, when you read your book before sleepling !

Ok, but what are the specifities of theses differents styles of lights ?

Living room furniture

Theses differents specifities are your personnal tastes. Each style of light can make the same light than another one. A vintage lamp will not be less powerful than an industrial lamp. Now it's up to you, if you prefer industrial lighting with industrial wall lights, or if you'd rather like vintage lighting, with vintage wall lights, ceiling light...

Theses differents style, that comes in multiple sizes, colors and textures, are here for your tastes, and to match perfectly with the decoration of your bedroom, living room, in order to make you feel great, in a good and warm lighting.